Holy Flower Senior Secondary School,Teok

Affilated to CBSE, DELHI

Affilation No:- 230123

Celebrating 25 Years of Glory



1. All the students should come in prescribed and neat uniform every day in school hours. Uniforms must be collected from school, supplied by Duly authorised dealer, “INSIGHT GRAPHICS”, K. K. Handique Road, Jorhat-1 the uniform shop approved by the school. Guardians are requested to report to the office on any complaint against qualities and prices of the uniform materials. Purchasing uniforms from unauthorized dealer is strictly restricted.

2. Wearing gold and ornaments (except a pair of small"earrings for girls") in the school is strictly prohibited.

3. Care must be taken of all school properties by the pupils. Any intentional damage caused by students to the building, furniture and any other property is liable to be compensated with penalty.

4. Students who are ill for a long period must bring a medical certificate before resuming classes. No child suffering from contagious or infectious diseases shall be , permitted to attend the school till recovery.

5. All books and copies and other materials will be supplied by the school on payment.

6. There is a general Regularity Record in the school calendar. AII communications between the guardian and the school will be done through it.

7. No leave of absence is sanctioned nor is a pupil allowed, to go away during school hours without prior written application from the guardian made in the specified column of the calendar.

8. Leave has to be sanctioned by the Principal. Unauthorized absence even in the day must be recorded in the calendar and duly signed by the parent/guardian with reasons of being absent.

9. The engagement of private tutors proves injurious to real progress and should not be made without consulting the school authority.

10. For IrreguIar attendance, habituaI negIigence in study, disobedience or any misconduct injurious to the moral tone of the school, a pupil is liable to be dismissed or otherwise severely dealt with by the school authority.

11. In view of the high standard of English required for all the competitive examinations, English shall be used at all times in the school campus. Speaking of any other language in the school campus is strictly prohibited and shall also be punishable.

12. The school authority shall arrange guardian meetings as and when necessary to evaluate and discuss academic achievements. All the individual complaints shall be dealt within the school’s office only.

13. Telephonic calls and personal visit to the residence regarding school matters shall not be responded.

14. Students are expected to address the teachers and all the members of the staff with due respect and politeness.

15. Pupils are strictly forbidden to bring cell phone, camera and any type of objectionable things, literature of articles in the school.


16. The rest of the information will be provided in the school diary.

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